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Hi, I'm Paige.

A copywriter and content strategist by day and a book connoisseur by night. I blog about writing, books, and starting a creative business. If you’re interested in telling a better story for your brand, keep scrolling to learn how I can help your business. If you want to read some monologues on Korean dramas, Stephen King, and French bakeries, head to my blog.

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Lets Build Something Beautiful

Are you looking for a copywriter or content strategist to create a cohesive marketing plan for your brand? From simple slogans to managing your marketing build-out, we can work together to make your brand irresistable. 

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Tell The Right Story For Your Brand

Are you wondering how to create content for your company that doesn't get ignored? My goal is to create emails that engage, blogs that build up a readership, and overall branding that tells the right story for your company (and your customer).  Contact me to learn how we can work together to transform your brand. 


Looking for someone to write blogs or website content that spike engagement for your website? I specialize in writing and editing emails newsletters, and website copy. 

Content Strategy

I work with brands to create attention-grabbing content, from your slogan to your Instagram captions. 


Are you a new or existing organization looking for a marketing makeover? I work with a team of creatives to ensure that your marketing is always professional, but never boring. 

Paige worked wonders on our website content. She created a cohesive content brand that paired with the visual brand perfectly.

Lillian of Lil & Co
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Are you a creative introvert?

Get Your Free Guide On Networking Like An Extrovert..but better.

Do you struggle to make valuable connections when networking? As your resident creative introvert (whose worked for years to build a network), I’m here to help. In a few easy steps, you’ll learn simple solutions to growing your social capital, which will grow your creative business. You can shine, shy and all.